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Weekly Market Insights (17 July 2017)

 SG Sector Note


Property - Overall
Focus on replacement cost and spot rents

Maintain Overweight on developers and lower S-REITs weightage to Neutral ahead of the results season.

New launches and asset recycling are near-term earnings drivers for developers; land replacement cost, balance sheet and capital deployment to drive outlook.

For S-REITs, slow organic growth and negative rental reversions are partly offset by contributions from new acquisitions.

Top sector picks are UOL, City Dev, Capitaland and Wing Tai for developers and FLT, MCT and MAGIC for S-REITs.


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US Market Insights    


Weekly Stock Spotlight: Bank of New York Mellon


Ticker Symbol: BK
Founded: July 1, 2007
Market Cap: $54.8B
2016 Rev.: $15.2B

Employees: 52,000 (Dec 2016)
Bank of NY Founder: Alexander Hamilton
Chairman & CEO: Gerald Hassell
HQ: NYC, New York, USA




Lesson from a Billionaire: Ray Dalio



"I think anybody who is a great investor, a good investor, a successful investor has to be a person who can be both aggressive and defensive. You have to be able to bet. But you also have to have enough fear to have the caution. But you can't let the fear control you."


Ray Dalio is at the helm of the world's biggest hedge fund outfit, Bridgewater Associates, which he founded in 1975. He predicted the global financial crisis in 2007. Dalio has said practicing Transcendental Meditation is the single biggest influence on his life.


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