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Weekly Market Insights (24 July 2017)

SG Sector Note


Capital Goods - 2Q17 results preview

§  We think SMM has the highest beat potential if there are no provisions for cost overruns. Ship repair and execution of orders should turnaround its losses from 1Q17.

§  STE is starting to see some seasonal earnings pick-up from 2Q17. Aerospace may see a YoY margin expansion with higher efficiency in EFW.

§  SCI's losses in India could narrow on higher power and wind generation but net profit growth in 2Q17 could swing either way, depending on land sales in urban development.

§  Our preference among the capital goods names: SMM, SCI, STE, YZJ and lastly SIE.

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i*Screener rating for 2 highlighted stocks

*Analysis date 2017-07-25

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US Market Insights


Weekly Stock Spotlight: Facebook

Ticker Symbol: FB
Founded: 4 February, 2004
Market Cap: $478B
2016 Rev.: $27.6B

Employees: 18,770 (March 2017)
Founders: Zuckerberg (CEO), Saverin, McCollum, Moskovitz, Hughes
HQ: Menlo Park, California, USA

Lesson from a Billionaire: Larry Robbins


"My one and only advice to you that matters is if you own something where the fundamentals are good but the price performance is bad, just hang on."

Larry Robbins left Leon Cooperman's Omega Advisors in 2000 to start his own fund, Glenview Capital Management. He's become one of the hottest hedge fund managers in recent years.

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